What are the ongoing costs?

The pricing for Universal Platform is defined on our pricing page or contact us for further pricing information.

Do you have a partner program?

Yes we do provide a partner program, contact us for partner opportunities.

How is Universal Platform Priced?

Universal Platform is priced on the feature set such as BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE. These have a base monthly cost with the additional cost of extra connectors such as Sales Force, Oracle, Xero and so forth.

How does Universal Platform scale?

Universal Platform provides a scale-out architecture for processing. Workload can be shared across nodes as well as contained to a set of specific nodes in cases where dedicated performance is required for different departments or systems integrations.

Universal Platform can also be scaled upwards depending on the systems integration architecture and the use of Data Hub(s).

Is Universal Platform only available as an iPaaS?

Universal Platform can be accessed in the cloud as a SaaS solution or it can be deployed at a customer site(s).

Does Universal Platform have a generic SOAP connector?

Universal Platform provides integration into SOAP based web services through a generic connector which consumes the WSDL. A connector can also be developed on the SDK to provide greater flexibility in the systems integration.

Contact us at info@universalplatform.net