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Information. On your terms

The most comprehensive information management capability ever seen within a single product.
Designed and delivered with ease of use, performance and functionality in mind.

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Universal Platform enables us to utilise our data assets as a source for sustainable competitive advantage
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Discover and understand the information landscape of your business.

Universal Platform allows you to get and trust your data, turning it into information you can use.

Cloud Integration Solutions, connect the hybrid cloud


Everything from everywhere

Why should it matter where data comes from? All that matters is that you need it.

Get data easily with connections to Oracle, Microsoft, Twitter and anything else you can think of.

Universal Platform gives you a complete picture, by connecting to all the data you want.


Validated, secure & reliable

It's not enough to have all of your data, it needs to be reliable.

You can ensure, with data encryption and validation, that the complete picture is the correct picture.

Universal Platform turns your conflicting data, into reliable information.

Integration Platform with IDM and Strong Security
Integration Platform as a Service - Data Driven Design


Information your way

Reliable information is at your fingertips, start using it immediately.

From reports and automation, to Systems Integration and Data Management.

You can do it all, without the need for developers.

Universal Platform reveals your information landscape, and provides the tools to shape it.


Support your people and processes

Easily connect disparate systems, no matter where they are.

What about the people driving these systems? Like Sally from Finance, who uses Excel like a pro and doesn't want to change.

With Universal Platform, end users don't need to change their software. So Sally can continue using Excel. While behind the scenes, your systems are interacting seamlessly.

HR - Payroll - Finance - Information Management Platform


Bring out their best

People want to do a good job. But their systems force on them nonsensical processes and hard to use tools.

The best software gives you the freedom to decide how to accomplish tasks and the support for actually doing it.

Universal Platform ensures your software fits around you. So you can use the tools you want, how you want.


Do it your way

If your processes work well. Why should new business software force you to change?

You want software that improves your current processes and makes things easier.

Universal Platform can understand your processes and adapt to support them. Giving you the ability to enhance them as your business grows.

Information Management - Data Management Process
Integration Platform Connectors Extensions and SDK


Use what you want

If your employee is productive in Excel, it doesn't make sense to move them off it.

The tool itself is not important, it is the information inside. If that is easily accessible, it doesn't matter what software is used.

Universal Platform plays nice with everything. So no matter what people use, the information is available to the rest of the business.


Information that speaks to you

Communicate information how you want, not how your systems tell you.

Easily model, clean and unify your data. No matter how fragmented or unreliable it is.

Universal Platform provides accurate information in a language you can understand.

Master Data Model - Master Data Management - Meta Data Management



Information you understand

Why let proprietary systems shape your information? You know your business, they don't.

Structure your information in a way that makes sense to you. So you can use it anyway you want.

Universal Platform frees your information, delivering it on your terms.


Data that cleans itself

Most data is dirty. But why undergo expensive data cleansing when you don't have to?

Identify your information's single points of truth, along with how to validate, and you are done. The data will then be cleaned everytime Universal is run.

Universal Platform provides you quick access to reliable information that you can use.

Clean and Unify Data - Data Cleansing Services
Information Systems Integration including data management


Information that speaks to you

Your sales team talks about customers. Customers with names, phone numbers, monthly spend and last time contacted.

Their systems don't understand a customer like that though. Customer information is fragmented and trapped in different parts of the business.

Universal Platform allows you to easily combine data from anywhere. So your sales team, in a few minutes, can make systems talk customers like they do.

Your Systems Integration Solution

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