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What is Universal Platform iPaaS?

Universal Platform™ is the most comprehensive information management platform available in a single product. Providing an enterprise class systems integration platform; using your Master Data Models to breathe life into your systems integrations. The living Master Data Model governs all aspects of the Extract Transform and Loading process, underpinning your data governance and data automation.

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Using Universal Platform™ to Facilitate Disaster Recovery Projects.

Common challenges faced by companies during a Disaster Recovery project include:

  • Controlling and brokering access to multiple systems and applications.
  • Obfuscating privileged security credentials from end users and third-party contractors.
  • Co-ordinating multiple complex tasks and activities across disparate systems.
  • Maintaining information integrity and consistency between different systems.
  • Automating repetitive tasks.
  • Maintaining a consistent and up-to-date single source of truth.
  • Keeping production and disaster recovery environments, plans and information in sync.
  • Auditing activities.

The following example scenario describes how Universal Platform™ can help an organisation address these challenges.

Download the Using Universal Platform™ to Facilitate Disaster Recovery Projects whitepaper.

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