Real World Examples and Case Studies

Living Data Models

Why work with static data models? Actively use your data models inside your ETL and systems integrations with Universal Platform living data models.

This example illustrates a working integration between CSV, Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle. This example also demonstrates data competition and management of sources of truth.

Queensland Schools openGov data to Google Maps

Inspired by the Queensland Government's first Open Data event, Michael Wise shows how you can easily grab government data and visualise it on a Google map.


In this example we use the State and Non School Details 2012 dataset combined with Google Maps.

Salesforce and SugarCRM MDM

Complete Salesforce and SugarCRM integration story, including Master Data Management.


Send an SMS from the Web

Send an SMS from the Web in under 12 minutes without developers.

LinkedIn contacts to spreadsheet, pushed to Dropbox

Use Universal Platform to create a spreadsheet of LinkedIn contacts, then push the file to Dropbox. Without the need of developers. This would be useful to anyone who needs to quickly create a list of their contacts and be able to share it. But doesn't want to pay a developer to generate the list.

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